Cinema Studios & The Magic Land In Cairo

Egypt is one of the first countries produced Media, and the cinema industry has started in Egypt as early as Egypt is considered the second country in the world after France. And the cinema history tells us that the first movie in Egypt was shown in Alexandria in the very beginning of the 20th century.

There are many cinema studios in Cairo, the oldest among them is called Studio Misr (Studio of Egypt), and is located in the pyramids street. This studio has hosted all the classic Egyptian movies including those acted by Omar Sharif before he moved to Hollywood. There is also another studio located in one of the sided street of the Giza pyramids street, but this time the name is El-Ahram studio or The Pyramids studio, and there are three Plateaus inside this studio.

The biggest studio and the newest is that one located in the 6 of October city south east of Giza pyramids (The Egyptian Media Production City Company).

All these studios are not open for public other than this big one in 6 of October city as visitors can go from 10 am to 10 pm to spend the whole day with lots of fun, the ticket price is 45 L.E/adult or Children.

Visitor will see the locations where Egypt produce most of the Egyptian movies, as well as replicas to all the popular spots of Cairo and Alexandria like down town Cairo, or Midan El-Saah in Alexandria.

There are also locations where the ancient history of Egypt comes a live like replicas of Giza pyramids with the Sphinx, replicas of the ancient citadels and fortresses, as well as some ancient palaces and governmental buildings.

The nicest thing for kids to do other than watching these locations and replicas is being in the amusement park inside which is called the Magic land.

In the Magic land there are a Jurassic park (was made originally for movies), there are lots of other games and activities for kids.

The one thing that is going to amaze the kids is the dolphin show that takes place in the middle of the amusement park every day at 13:00 pm afternoon.