Adorable Hairstyles Your Toddler Girl Will Love

Not all hairstyles work on toddlers, but these do.

The (Get this Hair Outta My Eyes) Bang Braid

ALL YOU NEED: A fine toothed comb and a small elastic (I buy teeny tiny rubber hair elastics).

In case our images were a bit confusing.

Using a wet comb, part her bangs and comb them into your hand – brushing the rest of her hair back and away. I find the wet comb gets her hair just wet enough to make braiding much easier.

With a small portion of hair (closest to the side part), begin one normal braid row.  Cross the rightmost piece across and into the center, then the leftmost piece into the center. The beginnings of a normal braid.

On the next braid row, add some hair from the right side of her bangs (the portion you parted to the front) and add that to the rightmost strand, now cross this to the center. Try to keep everything taught but not “OUCH that hurts” tight.

Next add some hair from the left side (for me it was a small amount of hair close to her forehead) to the leftmost strand, cross this to the center.

Continue adding pieces with each right and left strand until you reach a a point where there are no more bangs to add.

French Ponytail

1.  comb out the hair and part the entire section you wish to use

2.  section out the top section and comb through

3.  secure the hair band tightly

4.  repeat steps 2 & 3 with each ponytail


  • comb out the ponytail after you’re done; this will hopefully help the hair to look calm once dry.
  • while putting in the ponytails, try to hold them as close to the head as possible so they stay tight and don’t pop out when you’re done.

Elastic Braid Pigtails

Braided Pigtails (5 or 6 elastics on each side)


 hairstyle 6
How to achieve this look:
1) Part your little one’s hair down the middle.
2) Start by styling one side: Make a triangle parting at the very front from the side of her face to the part and put this in an elastic.  Go about half an inch down and make another parting, parallel to the first one.  Put this hair and the ponytail from the previous step into a ponytail.  Repeat this step until desired result achieved.
In this photo, I only went down with it far enough to be half up.  You can, however, keep going until you reach the nape of the neck so that all the hair is up.

Mini X’s

1- Start with a part straight down the middle.

2- Take about an inch square section on both sides of that part and secure in an elastic.

3- Get two, one inch square sections of hair behind the first two. Cross the first two small ponytail to make a x and secure them with the back ponytails. It should look like an X. This is a lot like X Marks the Spot!

4- Do it one more time!

If you wanted you could be done here!

5- A’s hair on the sides tend to get in her way and get dirty so I like to pull it back. I gathered all the hair on the right following the part and did a basic Knot!

6- I did the same thing on the left.

Love it!! So cute!!

Toddler Top Knot


To start, grab a baby/kids sock and cut off the toe (Piper Jane has pretty thin hair, so I used a baby sock). Roll the sock down until it’s a tube. Put the hair up in a high pony tail. Slide the sock/tube onto the ponytail. Separate the pony tail into two sections, half in front and half in back. Bring the sock/tube to the top of the pony tail, keeping the sections divided. Tuck the ends of the pony tail around the tube and begin rolling the tube back toward the head (if you’ve ever done a top knot on your own hair, this will be easier). When all of the hair is rolled around the tube and the bun is in place, spread out the hair for even coverage of the tube (Piper’s always ends up in two clumps, but is easily spread out).

I hope everyone is enjoying these adorable hairstyles !!!!

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